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Colibrys celebrates its 10 years in China

On Thursday the 17th of September, Colibrys, the Swiss high-end MEMS leader, and its leading distributor Qinpex celebrated the 10 years presence of the brand in China. Customers, business partners as well as Safran and Safran Electronics & Defense China top executives attended this event which took place in Shanghai downtown at the Lost Heaven restaurant.

“The relation between China and Switzerland actually started in year 2000, when Mr Ding Henggao visited the CSEM, the Swiss research institute from which Colibrys has been spun -off, with a group of decision makers in the Chinese sensor community”, says Ms Pang Qin, Qinpex CEO. “But sales really took-off in 2005”.

Since then, the progress have been impressive, reaching an average growth of 40% year-on-year. “Our strength resides in several factors”, explained Mr Patrick Gougeon, Colibrys CEO. “First we have been able to build a community of experienced partners which is based on mutual trust. Second, Colibrys is a highly reliable company when high volumes of quality MEMS are required. We know that local sources have difficulties in setting-up their manufacturing process; it took CSEM and Colibrys 20 years to reach the industrial maturity. From assembly of prototypes to high yield quality controlled manufacturing, it is a long process involving resources, time and expertise.”

The company is now renewing its technological platform and thus reinforcing its position as the world leader in performance. “We always have had an exceptionally stable MEMS die; now, with the technical support of Safran Electronics & Defense, the electronics branch of Safran, our product also embeds the best ASIC”, declared Patrick Gougeon. “This creates new opportunities in the vibration and seismic monitoring markets.”

Automotive testing and seismic monitoring are just some of the markets where the company has high expectations for 2016. “When people’s life relies on the long term stability of the sensor, like in  seismic detection, you just need to be sure of your sensor and rely on your MEMS partner for years”, added Patrick Gougeon. “Safran brought us to a higher level of competitiveness and operational excellence, which creates new conditions for building long-term relationship with our customers based on the sustained performance of our sensor and the trust that we deliver on time and with an exceptional standard of quality, even for large quantities”.

Needs for high-performance sensors is raising in China, more and more applications require safety-critical systems in fields such as transportation, aerospace, energy… Colibrys has been a trusted partner for the last decade and is now in a leading position to address these markets.

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