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Our accelerometer family is accessible through our standard catalogue. They cover a wide range of g values and of characteristics. However, some applications require accelerometers with special characteristics. That is where our custom service comes in: whatever your requirement might be, we may be able to fulfill it.


More performance

We have a portfolio of technological solutions to improve significantly some of the performance parameters of our current portfolio:

  • RangesDRIE
  • Bias stability
  • Non-linearity factor
  • Signal over noise ratio
  • Bandwidth optimization
  • Screened parts
  • Size
  • Multi-axis

We would be happy to study any other specific requirement and could accept entering into partnerships to provide unique parts.  We are also able to support you for civil aerospace EASA certification.


Special environments

Our accelerometers are qualified for a range of environmental conditions such as: temperature, unique and repetitive shocks, resistance to radiations and electromagnetic fields.

We have a portfolio of technological solutions to improve

  • The maximum operational temperature
  • The absolute and repetitive shock resistance
  • The radiation hardening

We would be happy to study any other specific requirement.
We would accept entering into partnerships to provide unique parts numbers with unique characteristics.


Example of technology:
Rad hard

Together with the European Space Agency, we developed a radiation hard accelerometer technology for space applications, specifically designed for missions with landers and rovers. The specific requirements are a dual channel accelerometer with two sensors, one with 2 g and one with 20 g full scale. The key requirement is immunity against radiation with at total dose > 50 kRad, proton and ion-induced single event transients up to 60 MeVcm2/mg. Specifically, a radiation hard version of the interface ASIC was developed. Radiation hardening is achieved by the judicious choice of the CMOS technology, radiation hard layout techniques as well as using system level features such as triple redundancy of the calibration memory and background error correction. The performance was thoroughly tested for performance and ageing and radiation hardness using total dose gamma irradiation and operation under heavy ion radiation.


Customized logistics

Batch size and packaging tailored to your manufacturing machines can be implemented.

The Safran Group and Colibrys have multiple logistics solutions to stock and deliver in short periods of time almost anywhere on Earth. We can also customize the print over each product with bar codes, and even change the logo and product name should you request it.


Long-term guarantees

Most of our customers use Colibrys in systems that need to be operational for years, sometimes up to a quarter of a century! We have standard long term agreements with commitments such as:

  • Fixed price and/or scheduled price revision
  • Warranty period
  • Warranty of design freeze (3 levels: FFF, BOM and processes)
  • Customized customer reporting of Colibrys performance (Quality, OTD)
  • Reduced lead time
  • Logistics
  • OTD commitment
  • Obsolescence management
  • Fast exchange of parts
  • 8Ds analysis upon accepted returns


Depending on the requirement, we would accept entering into a joint project in which the size and duration of the projects might vary anywhere from a couple of weeks until up to years.

In most cases, the project will involve non-recurring engineering costs (NRE) to be shared between the Customer and Colibrys.
Depending on the nature of the development, Colibrys may finance part of the non-recurring engineering costs. Oftentimes, the NRE is reimbursed based on a scheduled part delivery plan.