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process-custom-solutionColibrys was born from a technology, strategy and innovation consulting center (CSEM) and matured as an industrial leader in the field of high end MEMs inertial sensors. As such, our company features the best of both worlds, i.e. both R&D and MEMS manufacturing. This makes us a rather unique partner when you need to start from scratch with the designing of MEMS. We offer MEMS design services when fast production or pre-production is required shortly after prototyping. We deliver studies, mock-ups, prototypes, or move to the foundry service for manufacturing when necessary.


Design capabilities

Our engineers have designed a wide range of MEMS: a multitude of sensors (pressure, gas, flow, gyrometer etc.), hotplates for gas sensors, variable optical attenuators (VOA), optical diffraction, micro-spectrometers, micro-shutters and many more.

Our core competency is to take research results up to industrial production:

  • Understand the design and process
  • Adapt and streamline process to capabilities of manufacturing fab
  • Redesign product to meet process windows

As an example, we have been able to transfer the technology of a hotplate for gas sensors developed by a university, and design and adapt the processes for successful industrialization, which led to several millions of sensors produced for our customer.

Our capabilities range from

  • MEMS design, modelling, simulation, theoretical performance assessment
  • MEMS process design, prototyping, testing, model adjustment
  • Electronic design (ASIC, low noise electronics, high temperature electronics)
  • Packaging and assembly (high shock resistance, controlled drifts, high temperature)
  • Tests, model adjustment
  • Industrialization

Due to the acquisition by the Safran Group, our capabilities have evolved significantly in the area of MEMS system design, simulation and testing, as well as high-temperature electronics and packaging. We also benefit from being in the center of the Swiss microtechnology hub, which enables us to leverage a wide variety of expertise and means to meet the toughest challenges.



Design process and tools

We progress with a clear map of steps and toll gates where we gradually remove the risks by the most suitable means: analysis, simulation, tests, short-loops, prototypes etc.


Design to manufacturability

Our projects are always collaborative, mostly because this approach reduces their duration and the risks associated with them: between various expertise in Colibrys (process engineers, technology, design engineering, simulation, testing, quality) to ensure manufacturability under high yields, and with our customers, who are constantly in the loop. We will be a dedicated adviser to push your design to a highly robust, low-cost and reliable final product.


Commitment and confidence

Commitment and confidence are at the key values of Colibrys: we are not a research center, but an industrial company.

From our experience with working within the aerospace sector, we have gained a strong culture of high performance and increase ability towards risk control. As a result, we control what we do and we are able to prove it.

The target and expectations are always clear, and when we do not know if we are going to succeed, we manage to define intermediate steps so that your exposure with respect to risks is always controlled.