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Foundry Services3Our 6’’ wafer fab, located in the heart of the Swiss microtechnology hub, offers the most flexible and reliable foundry experience for our customers. When it comes to MEMS technologies, Colibrys brings a team of various expertise to the table, a team used with dealing with exceptional requests that will make sure your product emerges successfully and is brought quickly to production maturity, removing the clutter so that you might focus on the challenges that lie ahead.


From prototyping to mass production

Our production means and processes can be scaled down to small wafer runs, and scaled up to hundreds of thousands of units per year. Would your need exceed our capacity, we will assist with the subcontracting of relevant steps or help you transfer the whole industrial processes to a mass production fab of your choice.



Our process capabilities are geared towards bulk micromachining based on wet and dry Si etching. In many applications, bulk micromachining provides the most adequate response to requirements in terms of process cost, device size and physical response.

Our Alcatel AMS200 DRIE workhorse offers high etch rates for deep, through-wafer machining processes, as well as highly customized specialty processes where dimensional control and sidewall smoothness are key. Together with the process know-how comes the design know-how: we can help you optimize your design to get the best results from the DRIE process.

Our photolithography tooling combines the flexibility of full wafer mask alignment with the accuracy of a 1 µm resolution, 30 x 15 mm wide field stepper, both with double-side alignment capabilities.

Over 15 years of production, we have constantly improved our control over Silicon Fusion Bonding processes, covering everything from sealing the robust vacuum cavities of our accelerometers, or building our own custom thick SOI wafer stacks.

Our expertise lies with the following technologies:

  • Surface micromachining on SOI
  • Micro-hotplate module with low-stress SiNx and Pt metallization Lift-off metal patterning
  • Metal evaporation, including patterning through high-precision shadow masks
  • KOH
  • Range of die singulation methods

Each end-to-end manufacturing process design is unique and custom-made for better optimization.


Customization is key

Working with Colibrys means working with a small number of world-renowned experts who are used to addressing a wide variety of projects of various design maturity.
Whether you need to prototype a concept or to industrialize a design that you have already matured at the prototyping phase, we provide customized services.

Confidence and commitment are the key values of Colibrys. Our projects are always collaborative: between various experts within Colibrys (process engineers, technology, design engineering, simulation, testing, quality) to ensure manufacturability under high yields, and with our customers, who are constantly in the loop. We will be a dedicated adviser to push your design to a highly robust, low cost and reliable final product.


We are in control

Foundry we are in control 3We progress with a clear map of steps and validation gates where we gradually remove risks using the most adequate means: analysis, simulation, tests, short-loops, prototypes, first runs, full industrialization and mass production. Once the industrialization phase is complete, our processes are fully documented so that operators are autonomous for production and that the product can be transferred as needed.

Our statistical process control techniques allow us to always be in control, oftentimes resulting in high fabrication yields.As an example of maturity, we have been able to build a new fab, transfer the machines, restart the processes and switch the production on from Neuchatel to Yverdon, Switzerland, in only 10 months.

The Safran group’s stringent IT IS security infrastructure and confidentiality protection will ensure that your intellectual property remains safe with us.


Control and Customization: also available for logistics

Thanks to our robust supply chain and production management methods, based on world-class integrated tools and continuously improved with the support of Safran’s Lean-Sigma experts, we consistently deliver the right quantity at the right time. We are always open and flexible when it comes to discussing the logistics scheme that best fits your needs, as well asthe specific manufacturing flow of your product.


Our legacy

We have already manufactured more than 8 million MEMS, some of them mounted in highly critical safety applications. We always put quality first when it comes to producing MEMS: over the last 10 years, we have gained valuable experience from the aerospace sector, a very demanding field which has been recognized by the Safran Group, who decided to acquire Colibrys at its MEMS company. At some point, millions of people’s lives have been in the hands of a Colibrys MEMS.

We are certified ISO 9001 in addition to the European standard for Health & Safety OHSAS18001.

Foundry Services

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Foundry Services