Products and services


Colibrys activities are focused towards development of a wide range of standard and semi-custom high performance motion sensing products as well as unique solutions that combine high reliability and high performance.

For market leaders or companies in strong growth phase, Colibrys offers specific contract services including custom MEMS chip processing, assembly, packaging and test.

Contract services



Colibrys offers a comprehensive expertise in Microsystems design based on ‘bulk micromachining’ (Silicon and SOI), embedded electronics, packaging & test. Its ability to provide all steps of product life cycle from chip design to fully functional micro-system through manufacture and test, minimizes customer risks


Product strategy


Focus on products incorporating:

•   Colibrys core competencies in mechanical and optical design

•   Bulk micro-machine processes

•   Convergence of mechanical, optical or electro-magnetic technologies
•   Integrated high reliability test & assembly
•   Market and application specific know how
•   Extended conditions of continuity of supply

•   Export control compliance 


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