MS9001.D Tilt sensor



The new MS9001.D is one of the missing elements in our armoury of accelerometers for advanced drilling applications.


This new ±1g product offers the best performances in term of long term stability and precision of the measurement for precise tilt measurements.




Extra small LCC20 packaging (8.9mm x 8.9mm)

±15 and ±30 quasi linear measurement range

Excellent stability

Harsh Environment (shock, vibration, temperature)

Low power analog voltage output



Colibrys low g MS9000 accelerometers are new extra small product designed for tilt applications in harsh environment and safety critical applications. These products come in a LCC20 (8.9mm x 8.9mm) ceramic package and in a variety of full scale acceleration from ±0.5g on demand to ±2g. These sensors can operate over extended temperature ranges with just a few

milli ° of stability guaranteed over extended lifetime.

The Colibrys MS9000 accelerometer is a MEMS capacitive sensor, based upon a bulk micro-machined silicon element, a low power ASIC for signal conditioning, a micro-controller for storage of compensation values and a temperature sensor. The product is low power, calibrated, robust and stable and the electronic configuration provides a solid power on reset and ensures a full protection against brown-out.



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Data sheet MS9001.D


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Application Note Down borehole & directional drilling
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Technical Note Tilt / Inclination sensing
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     MS9001.D HR
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