Contract manufacturing


Colibrys offers contract manufacturing services

to both fabless market leaders and companies in strong growth phase (especially in the industrial, telecommunications, and harsh environment

markets) who demand specific technical

expertise in areas of:

•  Bulk micromachining
•  Surface on Insulator (SOI) micromachining
•  Multi stack wafer processing
•  Precision assembly
•  Specialized high reliability testing





 Optics  Fluidics  Magnetics


Typical examples of applications can be:


•  MEMS micro hotplate
•  Mini spectrometer
•  RF component
•  Gaz sensor

•  Optical lenses (DOE)

•  Variable optical attenuator (VOA)
•  Switches
•  Optical modulators
•  Printing head
•  Bio-tech sensor or actuator
•  Magneto-graphic printing head

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