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Colibrys is regularly exhibiting or presenting papers in Europe, USA and in China. This is a great opportunity for us to meet you and to discuss your specific needs and to learning how to support your new developments.

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Webinar – MEMS for Vibration sensing: The VS1000 and the VS9000

VS1000Discover the vibration sensor product line, during this training we will explain the major advantages and challenge for low- to medium-frequency monitoring.

This Webinar will take place Wednesday 29th of July at 9AM (GMT+2)

Presentation program:

  • Products presentation: VS1000 & VS9000
  • Key Applications
  • Performances & Benchmark

The webinar will be presented by Jean-Philippe Gachot, Field Application Engineer.


Jean-Philippe Gachot






Events information

Date : 29-29 July 2015

LOCATION : Webinar

BOOTH : Webinar


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