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Colibrys is regularly exhibiting or presenting papers in Europe, USA and in China. This is a great opportunity for us to meet you and to discuss your specific needs and to learning how to support your new developments.

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WEBINAR: Sensor performance – what is stability?

Stability is the war word of COLIBRYS’s sensors. Armed in several way, COLIBRYS will presents into this Webinar the 2 mains direction of stability:
– The manufacturing stability
– The performances stability

Stability is one of the main force of COLIBRYS which is designed for accuracy and built for trust. Frédéric Grumbach

This Webinar will be presented by Frederic Grumbach, Field Application Engineer.



Events information

Date : 27-27 August 2015

LOCATION : Webinar

BOOTH : Webinar


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