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Colibrys is the result of over 30 years experience in MEMS and from Safran Electronics & Defense’s (SAFRAN) support which has a knowledge of over 60 years in sensors.


Early 80's

First MEMS is born in Switzerland

The first MEMS emerge at CSEM in Neuchâtel, city known for watch manufacture and his mastery of micro technologies.




Into space experimentation 

CSEM MEMS are sent into space to measure microgravity.


Early 90's

First collaboration with Safran Electronics & Defense

Safran Electronics & Defense launches a collaboration with CSEM (Switzerland) today Colibrys.

Safran Electronics & Defense designer, integrator, and “packager” of the accelerometer channel on the basis of a pendulum accelerometer cell Silicon CSEM (ACSIL) in series.


Early 90's


First accelerometer developments for space and Industrial applications.


August 1998

MS6000 Accelerometer

Launch of the first industrial low power accelerometer standard product MS6000.


1st January 2001

Creation of Colibrys SA

C.S.E.M. (Swiss Center of Electronics and Microelectronics) launches Colibrys S.A. as autonomous MEMS manufacturing company.


February 2002

Distributor Channel

Colibrys registers a sales & marketing subsidiary in the North of America.


18 February 2002

New MEMS capacitive accelerometer MS7000

Customers that critically rely on bias stability under extreme operational conditions can find the accelerometer they have been looking for.


25 February 2004

Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA)

Bookham Technology and Colibrys use new MEMS concepts to produce dynamic optical products for telecommunications networks.


3 June 2004

MS8000 Accelerometer

Based on the recognized standards MIL-STD-883-E, Colibrys launches a best-in-class high-stability MEMS capacitive accelerometer.



20 July 2004

Frost & Sullivan award 2004

Frost & Sullivan aknowledges Colibrys’ technological excellence for its pioneering role in advancing optical and industrial MEMS subsystems, components and fabrication technology.


17 December 2004

Acquisition of a Seismic family of sensors

Colibrys acquires Seismic imaging in the oil & gaz business and strenghtens its position in the energy sector and the USA market place with the acquisition of Applied MEMS, Inc.



Distribution network

Colibrys starts to build global presence through distributors in Europe, India, Japan, China, USA…


5 May 2008

A replacement to piezoresistive

The new Colibrys wide bandwidth capacitive accelerometer VS9000 is expected to displace piezoresistive sensors in Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS), Aeronautics, Railway technologies and Automotive crash testing applications.


26 May 2009

Vibration sensor

Colibrys launches the IRIS accelerometer family, world’s best open-loop MEMS accelerometer to displace traditional vibrating quartz and electromechanical solutions.


3 September 2009

A solution for drilling applications

Colibrys launches the world’s highest stability 3g full range accelerometer commercially available the RS9003. A MEMS tilt sensor for platform stabilization, down borehole and drilling applications.


27 April 2010

1 g tilt sensor

Colibrys expands its accelerometer product line for advanced drilling applications with the release of the MS9001.D, a ±1g MEMS tilt sensor, for down borehole and directional drilling applications.


7 September 2010

Success story

Colibrys MEMS accelerometers have been qualified by Siemens Mobility for the latest generation of German ICE high speed trains.


31 January 2013

Colibrys joins Safran Group

Colibrys is acquired by Safran Electronics & Defense (Safran), the European leader in navigation systems.


22 January 2014


Colibrys inaugurates its premises in the area of Y-Parc in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.


10 September 2014

Colibrys officialy in production in Yverdon-les-Bains

Colibrys announces the official release of its production activities at its new manufacturing site, Av. des Sciences 13, 1400 Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.


10 April 2015

2015 promises to be an excellent year

Colibrys launches new products and strengthens its position as high-end MEMS sensors manufacturer.




Collaboration with Safran Electronics & Defense

Inertial accelerometer based on Colibrys MEMS chips, innovative patented loop implementation.

Potential performances compatible with inertial class applications for Navigation.



15 June 2015

Success story

Colibrys joins SBG Systems to announce new inertial navigation systems with the Apogee Series. This product based on the MEMS technology represents a major breakthrough.


13 March 2015

IMU from OxTS

Colibrys and OxTS announce xOEMcore the first standalone IMU on offer from OxTS.


April 2015

Safran Innovation award

Colibrys wins the SAFRAN Innovation award.


1 July 2015

A new reference for low to medium frequencies

Colibrys releases the best high performance MEMS vibration sensor on the marketplace.