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An accelerometer is an electromechanical device that will measure both static (gravity) and dynamic (motion or vibration) accelerations. The development of MEMS accelerometers has revolutionsed the application of accelerometers, making them smaller, lower power and easily integrated into a wide range of applications. MEMS accelerometers can now be found in cars, planes, industrial applications, mobile phones – in fact almost everywhere.

The great diversity of applications for MEMS accelerometers has led to an explosion in the availability of these devices. However not all MEMS accelerometers can address every application. Some MEMS accelerometers are suited to low cost, low performance applications in mobile phones or other consumer electronics, while others are targeted at high precision, high performance applications such as aircraft navigation.

Colibrys accelerometer technologies enable us to produce the highest performing MEMS accelerometers currently available which makes them suitable for applications where very high precision and very high stability are required such as seismic, vibration detection and monitoring, inertial navigation and very precise tilt sensing.

Colibrys high performance MEMS accelerometers are based on two important technologies: bulk silicon micromachining and capacitive sensing. In addition Colibrys has its own custom designed high performance ASICs to complement the accelerometers.

The advantage of bulk silicon micromachining means that we are using only the highest grade materials with near ideal physical properties to manufacture our accelerometers. Our manufacturing processes are carefully designed to ensure that we maintain these near ideal properties in the final product.

There are three main MEMS technologies for converting acceleration to an electrical signal, piezoelectric, piezoresistive and capacitive. We have selected capacitive sensing because it offers the best in terms of long term stability while achieving outstanding sensitivity. For this reason our high performance sensors are used in some of the most demanding applications that are addressed by MEMS sensors.