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Colibrys is led by a business management committee composed of eight managers.
Our executive team is pleased to introduce you to the people you might have the opportunity to interact with:

  • CEO

    Valérie Redron

    Valérie started her carrier at SFIM in 1988 as a Development Engineer and has since 1993 evolved to a Program Manager responsibility. In 1999 she joined the Sagem Company in France where she was first in charge of the development of cameras for European Tiger and NH90 helicopters. Then, she successively took over the management responsibilities for a development and production centre in Massy and the Sagem Flight Control System programs. In 2012 she setup a Sagem subsidiary in Brazil for the implantation of an industrial capacity of autopilot and optronic binoculars. She’s CEO of Safran Colibrys since 2016.

  • CTO

    Jacques Moser

    Jacques joined Colibrys at its foundation in 2001. With a background in applied physics, he has 20+ years experience in microelectronics and MEMS technology, industrialisation and operations. His key responsibilities are the alignment of the technology / product roadmaps with the business strategy, the coordination of R&D projects with external research organizations and the development of the IP Portfolio.

  • VP Sales & Marketing

    Marco Carlo Rossi

    Marco is Electronic Engineer with a Master in Microelectronics, graduated from the University of Genoa, Italy. In the course of his career, he founded and launched 2 start-ups. With more than 15 year experience in executive positions for STMicroelectronics, Marco has a broad and deep vision of the industry and a strong stance in organization and execution. Today, he is leading the renewal of Colibrys product portfolio, the development of new product lines and the continued development of the worldwide sales organization.

  • HR Management

    Ghilliane Zbinden

    Ghilliane is a federally licensed Human Resources Specialist and benefits from an extensive and diverse human resources experience gathered from being employed in various companies. After joining Colibrys as a human resources manager, she took part in the business management committee and managed the human resources department in this growing company.

  • Senior Administrative Assistant

    Martine Michellod

    Martine has over 20 years of experience as an Executive Assistant, in the tertiary sector as well as finance and administration sectors. She joined Colibrys as Senior Administrative Assistant and is pleased to be the first contact person at the reception desk. She is also the assistant to the CEO of Colibrys SA.

  • Sales Director, EMEA & China

    Bahram Arbab

    Bahram started his career at CSEM in 1996 as Product Manager for the development of a new MEMS Accelerometer. He then naturally joined Colibrys, which, back then, was just a spin-off MEMS department from CSEM. Over the last 20 years, Bahram has successfully and progressively undertaken his responsibilities as Product Manager, Business Development Manager, Distributor Management and Sales Director for Europe, North America, China and Middle East.

  • Product Manager / Sales Manager Russian Federation

    Maria Mishunicheva

    Maria is a native Russian, coming from Safran Electronics & Defense where she developed sales of inertial line products. Prior to her European experience, she worked in Russian capitals – Moscow and St-Petersburg.

  • Product Line Director

    David Balmain

    Prior to joining Colibrys, David has been involved for 16 years in Business Development and Program Management for Inertial Systems for Aerospace industry. His key responsibilities at Colibrys are management of all MEMS Product Lines, lifecycle product management, as well as ensuring that the business develops new products and expands towards new markets.

  • Field Application Engineer

    Frédéric Grumbach

    Frederic has worked for 13 years in the research and development department as project manager. He joined Colibrys in 1998 as a Field Application Engineer. At present, his responsibilities involve providing technical support to current and future customers as well as ensuring technical training to all our partners.

  • Field Application Engineer

    Gianni Sartorelli

    Gianni has worked for 14 years in the product and business development of innovative electrochemical double layer energy storage elements,
    including extensive WW customer design and integration support.
    He joined Colibrys in 2016 as a Field Application Engineer.
    His responsibilities involve providing technical support and ensuring adequate technical education to achieve proper integration and use of our MEMS sensors technology.

  • CRM

    Alessandro Condemi

    Alessandro joined Colibrys in June 2015. Before Colibrys, he spent 9 years working as Marketing Study Coordinator for a large European Retail company. Today, his key responsibilities are within the sales department as Customer Relations Coordinator.

  • Buyer

    Flavie Nicod

    Flavie is an Engineering Business Management graduate from Coventry University. After a solid experience as International Sales Manager, she joined Colibrys in 2013 and is since in charge of tactical and strategic procurement and, as such, she is responsible with maintaining business relationships with our suppliers and performance management.