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  • MS1000 MEMS accelerometer

    After the successful Entry in Service of new Accelerometer platform “Series_1000”, successfully implemented in products:

    – VS1000 series for low noise vibration measurements
    – TS1000T series for high temperature tilt drilling applications,
    Colibrys is working on a new high-end MEMS accelerometer project – MS1000 – which reached the advanced stage of development and pre-testing.

    Key features

    • Coming soon
  • MS9000 MEMS Accelerometer

    Colibrys MS9000 sensors are high-performance MEMS capacitive accelerometers developed for precision inertial systems for land, sea and air applications. With a dynamic range of ±2g to ±200g: they are part of the exclusive group of MEMS used in EASA, FAA and DAL A certified systems.

    Key features

    • Low bias and scale factor temperature coef < ± 0.5 mg/°C (typ) and 300 ppm/°C (typ) ( for ±10g range).
    • A reference for One Year Bias stability, <±1.5mg typ. (for ±10g range)
    • High resolution < 0.15 mg typ (for ±10g range)
    • High repeatability Bias after shock
  • HS8000 High Shock MEMS Accelerometer

    Colibrys HS8000 MEMS accelerometers offer a unique solution for applications requiring inertial grade specifications combined with high shock survivability and very good post shock performance.

    Key features

    • LCC 48 hermetic sealed packaging
    • Very high shock survivability : 20'000 g
    • Excellent bias stability (incl. post gun hard shock)
    • Demonstrated high reliability.