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  • TS1000T high Temperature Inclinometer

    The new TS1000T MEMS high temperature inclinometer is specifically designed for drilling application. It offers the highest performance stability with shock resistance, as well as the lowest non-linearity and noise in the MEMS marketplace.

    Key features

    • High temperature range from -40° to 175°C
    • Excellent Bias residual modelling error < ±0.6 mg for ±2g range
    • Endurance to high repetitive shock more 1500g (500 times) ,
    • Low Noise < 7 μg/Sqrt Hz typ for ±2 g range
  • TS8000 ±2 g Inclinometer

    The TS8002 is a single axis Cost effective ±2 g MEMS capacitive Inclinometer based on a bulk micro-machined silicon element specifically designed for good performances tilt measurement in rugged environment.

    Key features

    • Excellent long-term bias stability < ±0.086°
    • Low temperature Bias thermal coef < ±0.012°/°C
    • LCC48 hermetic sealed package: no bias drift in humid environments
    • Low consumption, less than 2mW
  • TS9000 ±1 g Inclinometer

    Colibrys TS9001 inclinometer is a high performance capacitive MEMS with a low g range developed for precision tilting systems in Energy, industrial, Military, train applications with a dynamic range of ±1 g (±90°).

    Key features

    • A reference for long term bias stability <± 0.043°
    • Excellent resolution < ± 0.0025° @ 1Hz
    • Low temperature bias sensitivity coef Bias < ±0.006°/°C
    • Large Temperature of use up to -40 to 125 °C