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  • VS1000 Vibration Sensor

    VS1000 is a high end capacitive MEMS accelerometer, specially designed for vibration measurements from DC to medium frequencies. Thanks to low noise, resistance to repetitive high shocks and insensitivity to temperature environments VS1000 guarantees confident and accurate vibration measurements in rugged environments.

    Key features

    • Large and flat frequency response from DC 0 Hz to 2500 Hz ±5% (typ), 7000 Hz ±3dB (typ)
    • Exceptional bias and scale factor temperature sensitivity of ± 0.2 mg/°C (min/max) and 120 ppm/°C (typ)
    • Repetitive high-shocks resistance enhanced by a smart overload system
    • Lowest noise of 7 μg/√Hz in band for the ±2g range (typ)
  • VS9000 Vibration Sensor

    The trusted MEMS for the most demanding applications involving vibration sensing since 2008, the VS9000 vibration sensors offer large frequency response and performance stability, as well as low power consumption.

    Key features

    • Wide frequency response from DC to 1000Hz ±5% (min)
    • Great bias and scale factor temperature stabilities of ± 0.1mg/°C (typ) and 100ppm/°C (typ)
    • Low non-linearity with 1% of full scale, under vibrations (max)
    • Lowest power consumption 2mW (max)