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GS1000 Sensor

The GS1000 single-axis, vibrating-rate gyrometer represents Colibrys’ breakthrough gyro technology, which features ultra-low noise and an exceptional Allan variance curve commensurable FOG gyros at a fraction of the cost. The unit is highly durable and can withstand environmental vibrations and shocks typically associated with harsh aerospace transportation and industrial requirements.

It has already proven operational MTBF reaches of 1’000’000 hours.
The GS1000 is ideal when very low noise, excellent bias over temperature performance, low power consumption, lightweight and rugged durability are desired. High quality, rugged design, makes it the best option for demanding applications in harsh environments such as stabilization (platform, flight control systems, sighting devices), as well as IMUs and AHRS for angle computation.

The GS1000 comes with its own electronic board and a mounting ring for mechanical decoupling.
The GS1000 has been designed to compete with the best-in-class FOG gyros, offering a cost-effective solution with high performance.

Key features

  • Small and lightweight, 0.1l and 55g
  • ARW, 0.005 °/√h
  • Short term bias stability, 0.15 °/h
  • Robust design, MTBF reaches 1 000 000 hours
Measurement Range (1)± 60± 100± 120± 180± 250°/sec
Scale factor digital output (RS422 and RS232, 500 or 1kHz)2424242424Bits rms
Scale factor analog output (differential)+/- 0,166+/- 0,100+/- 0,083+/-0,055+/-0.040V/°/sec
Scale factor sensitivity (-50°C to 85°C)25002500250025002500ppm, 1σ
Bias instability (Allan variance method) (2)0,150,150,150,150,15°/h
Angular Random Walk (ARW)0,0050,0050,0050,0050,005°/√h
Noise (within 0.1 to 100 Hz)0,0150,0150,0150,0150,015°/secrms
Power supply5 to 185 to 185 to 185 to 185 to 18Vdc
Consumption22222W typical
Temperature (operating)-50, +85-50, +85-50, +85-50, +85-50, +85°C
Vibration (5, 2000Hz)Mil Std 810 Method 514.6-IIMil Std 810 Method 514.6-IIMil Std 810 Method 514.6-IIMil Std 810 Method 514.6-IIMil Std 810 Method 514.6-II
ShockMil Std 810 Method 514.6-IMil Std 810 Method 514.6-IMil Std 810 Method 514.6-IMil Std 810 Method 514.6-IMil Std 810 Method 514.6-I

(1) Any other value available on request from 30 to 250°/sec.

(2) Analog output 2σ.


  • Aircraft Flight Control
  • Fire control Systems
  • Tactical Training Simulators
  • Sights, optical and infrared line of sight
  • Gyro-stabilized gimbals
  • Naval and Land remote weapon systems
  • Antenna stabilization
  • Sonar stabilization
  • Ship anti-roll systems
  • Naval and Land weapon platforms
  • Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV’s) control
  • Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV’s) control
  • Automotive testing
  • Tilting trains
  • Robotics
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