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HS8000 High Shock MEMS Accelerometer

Colibrys HS8000 MEMS accelerometers offer a unique solution for applications requiring inertial grade specifications combined with high shock survivability and very good post shock performance. The product has low power consumption and is fully calibrated, robust, as well as extremely stable, all while the ASIC electronic configuration provides a solid power on reset. Due to proprietary MEMS technologies and advanced assembly techniques, Colibrys has been able to qualify this design up to 20 000 g. Approximately 100 thousand HS8000 products have been delivered so far. With nearly one million sensors shipped over the past 25 years, our technologies deliver field-proven, long-term reliability and performance for your most demanding applications. All Colibrys products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland and are individually tested and qualified to Colibrys standards.

Key features

  • LCC 48 hermetic sealed packaging
  • Very high shock survivability : 20'000 g
  • Excellent bias stability (incl. post gun hard shock)
  • Demonstrated high reliability.

Note : Range +/-2 g and +/-100 g are on demand

Full scale range± 2 ± 30 (Qualified) ± 100g
One year bias stability @ 6000g1.5 (< 5)22 (< 75)75 (< 250)mg typ. (max.)
Post gun hard shock stabilityTBC+/- 20TBCmg
Bias temp. coefficient< 0.1< 1.5< 5mg/°C typ.
One year scale factor stability 300 (< 1000)300 (< 1000)300 (< 1000)Ppm typ. (max.)
Post gun hard shock stability TBC300TBCppm
Scale factor temp. coefficient 100100100ppm / °C typ.
Resolution / Threshold (@ 1Hz)< 0.1< 1.7< 5.5mg max.
Non linearity< 0.8< 0.9< 1% of FS max.
Bandwidth 0 to ≥ 1000 to ≥ 1000 to ≥ 100Hz
Noise spectral density in band 181818μV/√Hz typ.
Operating Operating Range-55°C to 125 °C-55°C to 125 °C-55°C to 125 °C

Applications requiring high shock survivability and very good post shock performance:

  • Gun hard Munitions
  • Tactical Missiles
HS8000 Datasheet Datasheet Download Datasheet
Gun-hard accelerometers for advanced munitions Application Notes Download
LCC mounting and soldering conditions Technical Notes Download

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