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TS1000T high Temperature Inclinometer

The new TS1000T is the best in class MEMS Accelerometer when it comes to measure inclination under high-temperature. This inclinometer has been designed for application such as drilling and is available in 3 ranges : ± 2 , 5 and 10 g.

This sensor offers the highest performance stability with shock resistance, as well as the lowest non-linearity and noise in the MEMS marketplace. It can operate from -40°C to 150°C for more than 1000 hours, even by intermittent temperature exposition up to 175°C.

A new differential analog output with a low noise ASICs, in addition to an improved 3D Bulk MEMS and die attach process, along with the very small LCC20 hermetic package feature a long-term bias stability better than 1000ppmFS.

The TS1000T embeds a temperature sensor to easily compensate any thermal error and offers an excellent repeatability with a residual modelling error less than  ± 0.6 mg for a ±2 g version.

Each product is fully tested in production over temperature range. The internal signal analog conditioning offers a Built in Self-Test and overload functions for your confidence at all time.


Key features

  • High temperature range from -40° to 175°C
  • Excellent Bias residual modelling error < ±0.6 mg for ±2g range
  • Endurance to high repetitive shock more 1500g (500 times) ,
  • Low Noise < 7 μg/Sqrt Hz typ for ±2 g range
Parameters (Typ. Value)TS1002TTS1005TTS1010TUnits
Full Scale Acceleration (g range)±2±5±10g
Angular accuracy< ±0.1< ±0.25< ±0.5°
Bias residual modeling error <±0.6<±1.5<±3mg
Bias long term stability<±2<±5<±10mg
Scale Factor sensitivity1'350534270mV/g
Scale factor residual modeling error<300<300<300ppm
Scale Factor long term stability<1000<1000<1000ppm
Resolution (1Hz)<7<17<34μg
Non linearity (IEEE Norm)<±0.3<±0.3<±0.3% FS
Operating temperature (>1000h)-40 to 150-40 to 150-40 to 150°C
Intermittent temperature (>50h)-55 to 175 -55 to 175 -55 to 175 °C
Shock survavibility (0.2ms)600060006000g
Endurance shock (500 times)150015001500g
Operating power consumption101010mW
Size PackageLCC20 (8.9*8.9*3.2)LCC20 (8.9*8.9*3.2)LCC20 (8.9*8.9*3.2)mm
TS1000T Datasheet Datasheet Download Datasheet
Drilling Application Note Application Note Download
TS1000T Datasheet in Chinese Datasheet Download Datasheet
Introduction to Inclinometers/Tilt sensors Powerpoint presentation Download

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CEB_1000 ceramic evaluation board are designed to allow users to quickly and easily evaluate high temperature TS1000T-series accelerometers over their entire temperature range in laboratories conditions.

Why a ceramic board?

The TS1000T-series accelerometers are high-performance sensors designed to operate over a wide temperature range with minimal bias residual error and excellent long-term stability. The stresses induced by coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mismatch between the sensor package and the substrate can significantly degrade the device’s performance, especially during extreme temperature excursions. Therefore, Safran Colibrys has created a ceramic evaluation board to match the TS1000T package CTE of 7 ppm/°C.

Read full Technical Note CEB_1000