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TS8000 ±2 g Inclinometer

The TS8002 is a single-axis cost-effective ±2 g MEMS capacitive Accelerometer/ inclinometer based on a bulk micro-machined silicon element specifically designed for good performances tilt measurement in rugged environments.

With a proven reliable and hermetic sealed package, TS8002 will cover a large range of industrial, energy and military tilt applications.

With nearly one million sensors shipped over the past 25 years, our technologies deliver field-proven, long-term reliability and performance for your most demanding applications.

All Colibrys products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland and are individually tested and qualified to Colibrys standards.


Key features

  • Excellent long-term bias stability < ±0.086°
  • Low temperature Bias thermal coef < ±0.012°/°C
  • LCC48 hermetic sealed package: no bias drift in humid environments
  • Low consumption, less than 2mW
Full dynamic scale measurement range ± 2g
Measurement Range for Angle (°) ±90°(°) ; The angle output has Sinusoidal relationship to voltage output g
Bias Calibration± 0.573°
One year bias stability< ±0.086° typ.
Bias temp. coefficient < ±0.012°/°C typ.
Scale factor sensitivity (K1)1000 ± 8mV/g
One year scale factor stability 300ppm typ.
Scale factor temp. coefficient100ppm / °C typ.
Resolution / threshold (@ 1Hz)< 0.0057°
Non linearity< ±1% of FS
Bandwidth [4]0 to ≥ 200Hz
Noise spectral density in band 0.001°/√Hz typ.
Operating temperature range-40 to 125 °C


  • Agricultural GPS dead Reckoning,
  • Antenna Leveling,
  • Construction machine inclination with high vibration.


  • Borehole survey,
  • Tilt orientation within pipeline,
  • Directional Drilling – Logging,
  • Wireline logging.


  • Low-end GPS dead reckoning System and Tracking,
  • Sonar Towed Arrays Antenna,
  • Low-end north Finding.


  • Train tilt measurement,
  • Dynamic Railway tracks geometry System.
TS8000 Datasheet Datasheet Download Datasheet
LCC mounting and soldering conditions Technical Notes Download
Down borehole & directional drilling Application Notes Download
Inclination/Tilt sensing Application Notes Download
Introduction to Inclinometers/Tilt sensors Powerpoint presentation Download

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MS8000/TS8000 Evaluation Board (EVBA) is a device designed to evaluate a full performance of Colibrys TS8000 accelerometer by a simple connection to a power supply and a voltmeter. EVBA design implies a possibility to be mounted to various evaluation environments – the shaker, the tumble table and the oven.

EVBA includes all the components for immediate functioning :
– Soldered MEMS accelerometer with 3 decoupling capacitors
– 2 Connectors (heading & mating)

Read full Technical Note EVBA MS8000/TS8000