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VS9000 Vibration Sensor

The trusted MEMS for the most demanding applications involving vibration sensing since 2008, the VS9000 vibration sensors offer large frequency response and performance stability, as well as low power consumption.

The field-proven Colibrys VS9000 embeds a mass-produced MEMS sensor, a die attach, an ASIC and a temperature sensor, the combination if which offers large frequency responses from DC to 1000 Hz ±5% (min), 3000Hz ±3 dB. The sensor also offers great bias and scale factor temperature stabilities of ± 0.1mg/°C (typ) and 100ppm/°C (typ). The VS9000 has the lowest power consumption on the market, featuring a maximum of 2mW.

This vibration sensor is available with a wide variety of ranges from ±2 to ±200g, which will allow it to address various applications with a single electronic interface and package.

With nearly one million sensors shipped over the past 25 years, our technologies deliver field-proven, long-term reliability and performance for your most demanding applications. All Colibrys products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland and are individually tested and qualified to Colibrys standards.


Key features

  • Wide frequency response from DC to 1000Hz ±5% (min)
  • Great bias and scale factor temperature stabilities of ± 0.1mg/°C (typ) and 100ppm/°C (typ)
  • Low non-linearity with 1% of full scale, under vibrations (max)
  • Lowest power consumption 2mW (max)
Measurement range± 2± 5± 10± 30± 50± 100± 200g
Bandwidth (-5%) 0 to ≥ 2500 to ≥ 7000 to ≥ 10000 to ≥ 10000 to ≥ 10000 to ≥ 10000 to ≥ 1000Hz
Bandwidth (-3dB) 0 to ≥ 8000 to ≥ 17000 to ≥ 24000 to ≥ 30000 to ≥ 30000 to ≥ 30000 to ≥ 3000Hz
Resonant frequency1.31.1245.17.211kHz
Noise spectral density in band25252525252525μV/√Hz (typ.)
Bias temp. coefficient < 0.1< 0.25< 0.5< 1.5< 2.5< 5< 10mg/°C (typ.)
Scale factor sensitivity (K1)1000 ± 8400 ± 4200 ± 266.6 ± 140 ± 120 ± 110 ± 1mV/g
Scale factor temp. coefficient100100100100100100100ppm / °C (typ.)
Non linearity< 0.8< 1< 1< 1< 1< 1< 1 [4]% of FS (max.)

Success story

Colibrys’ MEMS accelerometers have been successfully qualified for the latest generation of German ICE high speed trains. The Velaro D train is the fourth generation of interoperable high-speed trains made by Siemens using distributed traction and the first integrating innovative bogie monitoring systems. – Press release

Railway technology


Process control

This list is not exhaustive. Would you have an application not listed, please contact us.

VS9000 Datasheet Datasheet Download Datasheet
Success Story - German ICE Velaro D by Siemens Press Release Download
Bogie Monitoring Application Note Download
VS9000 Datasheet in Chinese Datasheet Download Datasheet
Evaluation board - EVBA Technical Note Download

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MS9000/VS9000 Evaluation Board (EVBA) is a device designed to evaluate a full performance of Colibrys VS9000 accelerometer series by a simple connection to a power supply and a voltmeter. EVBA design implies a possibility to be mounted to various evaluation environments – the shaker, the tumble table and the oven.

EVBA includes all the components for immediate functioning :
– Soldered MEMS accelerometer with 3 decoupling capacitors
– 2 Connectors (heading & mating).

Read full Technical Note EVBA MS9000/VS9000/TS9000