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Company in brief

At Safran Colibrys, we believe MEMS is the technology of tomorrow and we fight to ensure that MEMS replace legacy technology. Our engineers are continually pushing the boundaries in terms of performance by searching, developing and designing MEMS sensors for over 25 years. Their unique expertise makes us a world-leading supplier of MEMS-based motion sensors.


Who we are

Safran Colibrys was founded in 2001 as a spin-off of a Swiss technological incubator and matured as a SAFRAN Group company starting with 2013. The company is an independent MEMS manufacturer and takes benefit of all the things offered by the SAFRAN network in terms of expertise and resources, bringing them into the service of the customer. Being a human-size enterprise means that our skills are delivered directly to our customers. Our exceptional and friendly location in the heart of the Swiss micro-mechanical hub offers fast access to scarce resources (skills and machines). We are proud of our culture of quality that helped build our reputation as a trusted leader when it comes to MEMS.

Find below a short introduction film by introducing Safran Electronics & Defense and Colibrys inertial systems:



What we do

The company is a one-stop-shop manufacturer, offering the full supply chain from design to manufacture and final testing of high precision Swiss-made state-of-the-art accelerometers, thus guaranteeing our customers a safe sourcing for best-in-class performance, robust designs, high quality, cost and time to market.

Safran Colibrys sensors are designed for use in harsh environments and safety-critical applications. A large number of customers have entrusted us with building some of the most demanding equipment out there for use in a wide range of applications like aerospace, energy, railway or automotive testing. Safran Colibrys sensors are renowned for their high performance, featuring low noise, high shock resistance, high stability, low power consumption and DC-coupled capacitive vibration.


Some key figures

  • 25+ years of experience
  • 8+ Million MEMS delivered
  • 54 patents
  • Extensive designs for multiple applications
  • Own unique FAB processes
  • New, state-of-the-art 6” silicon wafer foundry



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Our staff

Safran Colibrys employs around 70 people, with 70% of the staff being comprised out of engineers, production technicians and maintenance technicians.

Although our team mostly has Swiss members, we also rely on high-profile people with international origins: Canadian, British, French etc.



Safran Colibrys headquarter and production facilities lie in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland; the total surface is 3750 m2.

Our process capabilities are geared toward bulk micromachining based on wet and dry Si etching.

We master also the following technologies

  • Surface micromachining, SOI
  • Wafer bonding / stacking, cavities under vacuum
  • Micro-hotplate module with low-stress SiNx and Pt metallization
  • Range of die singulation methods

Each end-to-end manufacturing process design is unique and taylor-made for better optimization. We benefit from ease of exportation being in the center of Europe.


Where we are

Safran Colibrys is present globally through distributors around the world:

Europe: Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Russia

America: USA, Canada, Brazil

Asia: Israel, Turkey, India, Japan, South Korea, China

Our customers benefit from a local own representative in the USA and Great China.



Our customers testify…

« Safran Colibrys sensors recently got into space! […] Our equipment requires the most reliable sensors. Colibrys MEMS are doing the perfect job, on Earth and in space. »

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