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Safran Colibrys is a company whose goal is to design, produce and distribute Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) components and sub-assemblies.

Download Our Management Policy
Download Our Management Policy

Safran Colibrys is positioned as the Safran Group’s MEMS center of excellence and a leader in its market.  In order to reassure its customers that it is an expert in their products, and to meet the requirements of the market and the shareholders regarding the reliability of its organization, and its control of health, safety and the environment, Safran Colibrys uses an Integrated Management System.

The Integrated Management System is supported by the entire Executive Committee. Developments of the QMS is under the responsibility of the Quality Department, which must ensure it efficiently meets the needs of the company and its stakeholders.  It conforms to Safran Colibrys management policy on Quality, Environment, and Health and Safety and relies on its organization, process managers and process performance management.

Safran Colibrys management believes that its development will be a result of excellent control over the quality and reliability of its products and services, the health and safety of its employees and the impact of its activities on the environment.  These issues deserve close attention.

Safran Colibrys CEO and the executive team are fully committed to them and asks every employee to bring their own contribution to these goals.


Our Quality, Health, Safety & Environment Certificates: