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The new Apogee Series from SBG integrates Colibrys MEMS

Yverdon-les-Bains, May 5, 2015

Colibrys joins SBG Systems to announce new inertial navigation systems with the Apogee Series. This product based on the MEMS technology represents a major breakthrough.

Colibrys Ltd, Switzerland / SBG Systems, France, April 2015 –SBG Systems presents a brand new range of AHRS (Attitude and heading reference system) and Inertial Navigation Systems called the Apogee series. Integrating Colibrys accelerometers, Apogee represents the most accurate line of inertial systems based on MEMS technology in the marketplace.

The Apogee series are cost effective and offer high performances with 0.008° attitude in real-time and 1 cm position. Thus, these AHRS are highly appreciated to use for demanding applications as hydrography or aerial and land mobile mapping.

“We chose Colibrys RS9000 accelerometers for their perfect ratio of performances, reliability, and ease of integration. We were able to reach the best performances out of the MEMS sensors, offering new state-of-the art inertial systems. The great reactivity and expertise of Colibrys made them a reliable partner.” Declares Raphael Siryani, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at SBG SYSTEMS.

Colibrys MEMS accelerometers are designed to do the job where performances have to meet systematically stringent requirements. “Colibrys is proud to be part of this success story and to contribute actively to the success of SBG SYSTEMS. Through this success story based on our RS9000.B product family, Colibrys confirms once more its position as independent world leading supplier of advanced MEMS accelerometers for inertial application” said Mr. Patrick Gougeon, Colibrys CEO.


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